Dab Rigs

Dab Rigs

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  • Pulsar 10″ Quartz Vapor Straw
  • Red Eye Glass – 8.5″ Tall Jellyfish Concentrate Beaker Tube Dab Rig
  • Red Eye Glass – 8″ Flux Concentrate Collector
  • Red Eye Glass – 8″ Tall Concentrate Beaker with Quartz Banger
  • Red Eye Glass – 9″ Tall Burnside Concentrate Rig with 12 Arm Tree Perc
  • Red Eye Tek – 11″ Tall Metallic Terminator Finish Swiss Globe Rig with Embossed Logo & Quartz Banger
  • Red Eye Tek – 5″ Tall Metallic Terminator Finish Concentrate Rig with Direct Inject Perc & Quartz Banger
  • Red Eye Tek – 8″ Tall Splash Concentrate Beaker with Flat Mouthpiece

While surging on the scene in 2010, dabbing has increased in popularity. It is because dabbing offers a healthy, flavorful, and potent alternative to smoking the dry herb. The work of the dab rigs is the same as the bongs. These rigs are intended for the cannabis extractions, rather than a dry flower. You can turn some bongs into the dab rigs with the use of an adapter.

Though they work on similar principles, the bongs and dab rigs share a lot of related parts. Meanwhile, dabbing flash evaporates the marijuana extracts, dabbing results in vapors instead of smoke. The dab rigs offer unique features to achieve this.