Bongs & Water Pipes

Bongs & Water Pipes

Bongs & Water Pipes

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Bongs are also known as water pipes similar to bubblers, as they play an essential role in moving the smoke through water to cool and filter it before inhaling. As compared to other bubblers, which are intended to fit in your hand’s palm, the bongs are the large tabletop units.

There is a diversity of materials that are involved in making the bongs, from plastic and glass to bamboo or wood. The addition of the water chamber is what bongs different and unique. Some bongs allow you to add ice to the stem, cooling the smoke after passing through the water.


The marijuana pipes are a beginning point for a lot of people as they are a fundamental accessory with which to smoke the dry flower. Usually, the pipes are made up of glass due to ease of cleaning and heat resistance.

The shapes and intricate patterns of color can be made when created from blown glass, which adds to their appeal. The pipes included in weed accessories for dry marijuana can be designed from a diversity of stuff involving silicone, wood, metal, ceramic, and much more. You can choose the material as it is up to you and your own choice.