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Let’s Talk About Marijuana Seeds and Its Types

If you are planning to grow weed for the first time, there are several questions that pop-up in your mind, such as which marijuana seeds are the best and a safe place to buy them. While gaining information about growing, new words such as auto-flowering and feminized seeds can be confusing for you.

When it comes to talking about growing, two types of marijuana seeds are renowned: auto-flowering seeds and feminized seeds. The similarities between auto-flowering and feminized seeds are their ability to develop female plants and make buds that you juice, eat, make oil, smoke, or vape.

Keep Reading! We are going to talk about both seeds so that you can make a wise decision.

Which is a Better Option? Auto Flower or Feminized?

If you are looking for the answer to the above question, it all depends on your requirements. If you are moderate to an experienced grower, you should go for feminized marijuana seeds. Beginners who want to grow it for the first time or those who are searching for a quick result choose auto flower seeds. You can buy these seeds from us, Mega Marijuana Shop.