Auto Flowering Seeds

Auto Flowering Seeds

Auto Flowering Seeds

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Auto Flower Seeds

Numerous beginners choose auto flower seeds in addition to feminized seeds. These seeds have almost the same characteristics as feminized seeds. You need to know the differences!

The feminized seeds start to flower when they get the least sunlight; however, the auto flowers begin to flower depending on age. For this, the individual does not feel the need to adjust the lighting schedule or wait for autumn. Therefore, growing an auto flower is easy as compared to a female plant from feminized seed.

Benefits of Auto Flower Seeds

  • The auto flowers automatically bloom
  • Similar to feminized seeds, the auto flower seeds develop into female plants and thus produce consumable cannabis.
  • There is a short cycle from seed to harvest, which makes people harvest 2-4 times a year while growing outdoors.
  • As the species of auto flower are crossed with a ruderalis plant, this plant requires the least maintenance and become less tall.
  • In comparison to the plants grown with the feminized seeds, the auto flower plants are more resistant to mold, pests, and temperature fluctuations.